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Fibroscan® 502 Touch


The non-invasive gold standard solution
for comprehensive management of liver health

With its patented Vibration Controlled Transient Elastrography (VCTE technology), the Fibroscan® is the most recommended non-invasive device to use in the clinical management of patients with liver disease.

  • Totally non –invasive
  • Reproducible
  • Easy to use : no specific echographic
    skills are required
  • Quantitative
  • Accurate for assessing fibrosis stage in
    different chronic liver disease
  • Accurate for assessing, with the CAP, the
    quantification of liver steatosis
  • Reporting: optimized management of Fibroscan® exams with FibroView

The advantages of the technology have been demonstrated in more than 2,400 peer-reviewed publications since 2003.

Fibroscan exam diagram

Fibroscan exam diagram


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