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PEG tube placement


PEG, or percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy, is the procedure for placing a feeding tube through the wall of the abdomen directly to the stomach. A PEG tube is placed for patients who are unable to receive adequate nutrition from eating or who are unable to eat. It allows for nourishment, hydration and medication administration that bypasses the mouth and esophagus.

This is a treatment ordered by a doctor, who will discuss nutrition needs and the use of specialized liquid nutrition that can be administered through the tube. Depending on the condition of the patient, it may still be possible for a patient to eat or drink using the mouth and esophagus after the procedure.

A gastroenterologist can place a PEG tube by guiding it through the skin and securing it in the stomach. Most procedures can be performed in one day and the patient can sleep in their own bed at night.


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