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Hepatitis B and C, liver disorders


Hepatitis B and C are two viruses that cause a chronic liver infection and inflammation. These two forms of hepatitis are of serious concern as they can lead to liver cirrhosis and an increased risk of liver cancer.

Hepatitis B is caused by contact with infected blood and bodily fluids. There are currently around 1.2 million Americans who have hepatitis B, and it can develop into a chronic form of the disease in some cases, especially depending on a person’s age and the strength of their immune system.

Hepatitis C affects 4 million people in the United States and is generally considered the most serious form of the disease. Most people with hepatitis C develop a chronic liver infection. Like hepatitis B, it is transmitted through blood and bodily fluids.

Some people with these disorders may show no visible symptoms, while others have nausea, vomiting, fatigue, fever or jaundice. A gastroenterologist can diagnose hepatitis and provide antiviral treatment that can radically improve outcomes and even eradicate the disease.


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