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Colonoscopy & Endoscopy


colonoscopy diagram

Colonoscopy and endoscopy are two important tools in the hands of a gastroenterologist to diagnose and determine treatments for disorders of the digestive system.

A colonoscopy is a safe procedure that is often performed as part of a routine screening. A gastroenterologist will work to ensure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible. The procedure is also used as a major means of early diagnosis and preventative treatment for colorectal cancer.

A colonoscopy uses a small video endoscope inserted into the rectum and advanced through the colon to provide a visual examination of the interior walls of the large intestine. If a doctor performing a colonoscopy discovers polyps, they will usually remove them when removing the scope.

When you are preparing for a colonoscopy, medical staff will provide you with detailed instructions for the steps you can take at home to get ready for the procedure. You will be sedated during the procedure to eliminate pain. After you awaken, you will rest in the recovery room and the doctor will go over your results and provide a report.


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